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Education through music starting
at three years of age.

Suzuki Method

Playing as speaking
Children begin to turn their gurgles into words through listening, imitation, continuous repetition and stimulation from adults. At the beginning, they only know a few, simple words, then they learn more complex and sophisticated words. In the same way, the Suzuki methodology develops the capacity "to speak" through an instrument.

At what age can they begin?
A musical environment must be created around the child as soon as possible. At the age of three children can come to a Suzuki school with their parents for the class in rhythm.

The mother and father
The weekly lesson, which requires the parent' s active participation, is backed up by daily practice at home. Playing the teacher with father and mother helps to teach new skills and develop talent.

The family environment
Children are products of their environment. From the moment they are born, first the family, then the society around them develop some characteristics and inhibit others. Human babies are the most helpless of all offspring: they depend on us to become a complete, vital and sensitive person.


Age: 3-5 years old.
Frequency: once a week from October to May. In June, participation in the first instrumental lessons.
Aim: the formation of the rhythmic and melodic ear, the development of physical co-ordination and dexterity, improving memory, self-control and discipline.
Lessons: in group.

Age: from four years old. After the completion of the first course of rhythmic instrumental, the child, depending on the interests and attitudes displayed, begins the instrumental courses.
once a week from October to May. In June, the Students’ perform the Final Concerts and the Diploma Parties are held.
guitar, violoncello, violin and piano.

Musical Camping
7-8 years.
From early September. An integral part of the school calendar.
Preparation of the concert programmes of the concerts.

For the parents
Listening programme
: the mother (sometimes when the child is still in her womb) and the father approach the school and take part in the program of listening to music, which involves them both at home and in attending concerts. Thus, the child grows us surrounded by music.
Introduction to the instrument: after the first course of rhythmic instrumental, the parent takes part in the course of "introduction to the instrument". The aim is to teach parents the first pieces in the repertoire. Thus, the mother or father will be ready to play with their child at home.


The rehearsals
The orchestra rehearsals have great educational value. They are in fact the place where:
• everyone co-operates for a common good with their own abilities;
• children learn how to listen to different voices and to dialogue with them, thus developing the musicality of the ensemble;
• responsibility and commitment are tested;
• solidarity and friendship are encouraged.

The concerts
The main aim of the concerts is to introduce other children to music at as young an age as possible. The orchestra holds about ten concerts a year.
Bodies wishing to hold a concert of The Little Suzuki Musicians can phone or write to the school.
The orchestra travels all expenses paid (bus – train – food – accommodation). Accommodation can be offered in religious institutes, youth hostels or with families, in the case of school exchange.

A week entirely dedicated at "playing in orchestra".
It originated from the Suzuki method so that pupils on the final courses have the opportunity of enrich their studies by meeting students and professionals from all over Europe.
Period: Last week of August.
Admission: Lower Course.
Place: School of High Musical Perfection of Saluzzo

The Little Suzuki Musicians

The chamber music group "The Little Suzuki Musicians" of Saluzzo was born in 1988. It is made up of thirty guitarists, violinists and cellists of between the ages of four and thirteen.
In the last 15 years The Little Suzuki Musicians have held more then 150 concerts in Italy and abroad and have appeared on television programmes (including "Lo Zecchino d'Oro ") and at international meetings for children’s music groups (France, Scotland, Eire).
They played in concert halls, among which the Lingotto in Turin, Liberty Palace in Milan, the Concert Hall at the Conservatory in Bologna, the Ponchielli Theatre of Cremona, the Rome Philharmonic Academy.
In 1996, they recorded the Compact Disc "When the kids help each other". On May 31 1998 during a concert in Sarajevo the profits from the sale of the CD were handed over as a contribution to the reconstruction of the Bosnian capital’s "Children’s Library". The next day they played at Mostar as guests of the "Centar Pavarotti International".

Maestro Suzuki after more then 70 years
of activity has left us this great message: 

“if I play every day
I get better

“Music makes me
happier: I like playing
and being listened to”

are the products
of their environment

Through the sound
of his instrument the child expresses his feelings
All children have talent:
everything depends on their education


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