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The method was born out of a happy synthesis between Western culture and Eastern sensibility.
The secret of its success lies in Maestro Suzukiís faith in man. Man was the inspiration for his method, which was founded on the way we learn our mother tongue.
While Suzuki was studying in Germany he was amazed to observe how the children spoke German easily and fluently, although it seemed so difficult to learn to an adult student like himself.

"Geniuses" are people who have particular insights and notice things in the everyday world that ordinary people do not see. For ordinary people an apple falling from a tree is a normal occurrence, for Newton it was the test of the law that governs the universe. For ordinary people a child speaking is completely unremarkable, for Suzuki it was a "wonderful thing". He started studying how children learn to speak their mother tongue fluently (three thousand words by the second year of life). When an individual is born he has a certain vital force, a strength that animates his faculties; no one can say how able he is by nature. Talent is recognised only to the extent to which it is developed or damaged.

Through these observations Suzuki reached the conclusion that there is "genius" in every individual and that everybody can "learn to the maximum" (if not prevented by physical and mental handicaps). In Japan there are cases of mediocre students becoming excellent and sometimes even exceptional. Every teacher should always remember this "maximum learning facility" that every individual possess. Therefore, Suzuki studied how people learn their mother tongue. There are three necessary steps for learning it: 1) listening 2) regular repetition 3) the educatorís attitude 

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